• Eagle F1 Asymetric 2
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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Finally, the best tires for those who deserve only the best.

Characterised by its ActiveBraking technology, the newly launched Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is an addition to the sports performance passenger segment that delivers up to three meters shorter braking distance.

The braking performance offers superb grip on both wet and dry roads, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, swift and silent ride under all weather conditions.

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 – the ultimate reflection of your success, refinement and quiet confidence.

Braking PerformanceBraking PerformanceSuperior Wet GripSuperior Wet GripWet PerformanceWet Performance

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Enhanced Road Traction
Innovative 3-D block design in the tread expands when the vehicle breaks, offering enhanced tire-to-road traction.Innovative 3-D block design in the tread expands when the vehicle breaks, offering enhanced tire-to-road traction.


More Stopping Power
Cross plies carcass structure increases torsional stiffness around the braking axle for boosted stopping power.


Enhanced Wet Grip
Race-inspired tread compound provides exceptional grip on wet roads.

Available sizes

205/45R16 83 Y
205/45R17 88 Y
205/40R17 84 Y
215/45R17 91 Y
215/45R18 93 Y
225/55R16 99 W
225/45R17 94 Y
225/40R18 92 Y
225/40R18 92 Y
225/45R18 95 Y
225/45R18 91 Y
225/40R18 88 Y
225/40R19 89 Y
225/35R19 88 Y
235/55R17 99 Y
235/45R17 97 Y
235/45R18 98 Y
235/45R18 94 Y
235/40R18 95 Y
235/45R18 98 Y
235/50R18 101 Y
235/50R18 101 W
235/40R19 92 Y
235/35R19 91 Y
235/35R20 88 Y
245/40R17 95 Y
245/45R17 95 Y
245/35R18 88 Y
245/35R18 92 Y
245/45R18 100 Y
245/40R18 97 Y
245/35R18 92 Y
245/45R18 100 Y
245/45R19 102 Y
245/35R19 93 Y
245/35R19 93 Y
245/40R19 98 Y
245/40R20 99 Y
245/40R20 99 W
255/40R17 94 Y
255/45R18 103 Y
255/35R18 94 y
255/40R18 99 Y
255/40R19 100 Y
255/35R19 92 Y
255/40R19 100 Y
255/35R19 96 Y
255/30R19 91 Y
255/35R20 97 Y
255/40R20 101 Y
265/40R18 101 Y
265/45R18 101 Y
265/35R18 97 Y
265/40R19 98 Y
265/30R19 93 Y
265/50R19 110 Y
265/35R20 95 Y
265/45R20 104 Y
275/35R18 99 Y
275/40R19 101 Y
275/30R19 96 Y
275/35R20 102 Y
275/35R20 102 Y
275/35R20 102 Y
285/35R18 97 Y
285/35R19 99 Y
285/35R19 103 Y
285/30R19 98 Y
285/25R20 93 Y
295/30R19 100 Y
295/35R19 100 Y
305/30R19 102 Y