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Goodyear Efficientgrip

The new Eagle EfficientGrip is Goodyear’s quietest, most comfortable tyre ever. The leading tire company’s latest innovation is engineered with advanced “Quiet Tred” technology to minimise road noise and help deliver a silky smooth ride, without compromising safety which is the hallmark of all Goodyear tyres.
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Designed for luxury car drivers in Singapore who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban environment when they step into their cars, the new Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip can help make the journey more quiet and smooth.

Goodyear’s internal tests show that Eagle EfficientGrip is the company’s quietest tire ever. Furthermore, based on external tests on wet-braking performance, the tire outperforms a leading competitor in its class.

956_Noise Dampening Tread

Noise Dampening Tread Design
Closed shoulder design prevents radiating radial noise sound waves to reduce exterior and interior perceived noise level.Balanced block distribution provides smooth block entering into the footprint to lower the impact noise and reduce the radiated noise.Perpendicular edge blading gradually reduces the block stiffness, lowering the block movements and reducing the propagated noise.

955_High Grip Design

Absorbing rubber gum strip
The added rubber under layer absorbs the tire vibrations and reduces propagation of road irregularities.


Available sizes

185/55R15 82 H
195/60R15 88 V
195/45R16 84 V
195/55R16 87 V
205/45R16 83 W
205/55R16 91 W
205/55R16 91 H
205/45R17 88 V
205/50R17 93 W
205/50R17 89 Y
205/50R17 89 V
205/50R17 89 H
215/55R16 93 W
215/50R17 95 H
215/60R17 96 V
215/40R17 87 W
215/40R17 87 W
215/55R17 94 W
225/60R16 102 V
225/60R16 102 W
225/55R17 101 H
225/55R17 97 H
225/45R18 91 Y
225/45R18 91 V
225/45R18 91 Y
235/45R17 94 W
235/55R17 99 Y
235/60R17 102 Y
235/50R17 96 V
235/55R18 104 V
235/55R18 100 V
235/55R18 100 W
235/45R19 95 Y
245/45R17 99 Y
245/45R18 100 Y
245/50R18 100 Y
245/45R18 96 W
245/45R19 102 Y
255/40R17 94 Y
255/40R18 95 Y
255/45R18 99 W
255/40R18 95 Y
255/40R18 95 Y
255/50R19 103 V
255/45R20 101 Y
275/40R19 101 Y
285/40R20 104 Y