Goodyear fully supports 3 major racing teams in WEC, showcasing its racing expertise

2019/20 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) kicks off in Shanghai

Following the Silverstone and Fuji Circuit in England and Japan respectively, the 2019/20 FIA WEC Le Mans-Shanghai race moves to the SAIC International Circuit on Nov. 9 -10, with a 4-hour show. As the tire sponsor of Jota Sport, Jackie Chan DC Racing and High Class Racing, Goodyear will add to the excitement of the race with its innovative achievements, cutting-edge technology, product strength and inherent racing DNA.

At the recent Shanghai circuit, all three Goodyear-equipped teams are featured at the front of their class, with a pole position for the Jota Sport team and race-leading performance for the Jackie Chan DC Racing and High Class Racing teams. Facing the very demanding Shanghai circuit, Goodyear employed the same two dry weather tire specifications as it did at Fuji. This not only shows the excellent driving control and stability, but also demonstrates and provides a platform for Goodyear’s tire technologies, strategies, and various types of prototypes and GT race cars.

Mike McGregor, Goodyear Manager, Race Sales, Testing and Track Support, explained before the race: “Shanghai is characterized by two long radius corners and an abrasive surface. It also has heavy braking after one of the longest straights on the WEC calendar. This means that braking stability is crucial to a quick lap time.” For the 2019/20 new WEC season, Goodyear developed 4 new tire specifications. After an extensive 12,000km of testing at 7 circuits under the technical team of the Europe Innovation Centre, the brand new lineup boasts improved designs, with their performance on dry roads able to help drivers further cope with varying temperatures, reducing the number of pit stops and meeting different driving styles.

The blockbuster launch of the brand new lineup in WEC not only shows Goodyear’s focus in developing “Le Mans Prototypes”, it is also a clear indication of Goodyear’s determination to showcase its racing knowledge. More than 60 years has passed since Goodyear joined hands with one of the America’s popular racing events—NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) back in 1954. It not only shows the close collaboration between the duo but also epitomizes the racing DNA of Goodyear brand.

The joining hands with these 3 major racing teams for the WEC, demonstrates Goodyear’s long-term commitment and support to the racing competition, and the shared passion with race enthusiasts around the world. Over the past year, the new lineup was developed and manufactured simultaneously with the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport, aiming to achieve an excellent transfer of technology and development experience between racing tires and road tires. The flagship high-performance tires represented by Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport will also be of strategic importance for the brand to establish a high-performance image, and further help the brand to return to the leading position in this market segment.

The WEC is one of the biggest racing events in the world, and by sponsoring the three popular teams, Goodyear can showcase its time-honored history, racing passion, innovation and cutting-edge technology to consumers. As the race progresses, Goodyear will continue to evolve its product technology, and bring the Goodyear flagship tires experience of racing track performance to consumers.