Improve Handling & Driving Stability

Powerline Cover Technology

With tread deformation protector to achieve excellent footprint preservation for high-speed stability.

High Force Construction Technology

Super stiff sidewall to improve handling and driving stability.

Excellent Wet/Dry Performance

Dual Plus Technology

Specialised power zones to deliver excellent performance for wet and dry roads with innovative U-shaped compounds.

Dry Performance & Cornering Agility

Power Shoulder Technology

Power Shoulder Technology with massive closed outside shoulder for more agile dry performance and cornering.

Available Sizes
18" 19" 20"
225/40ZR18 225/35ZR19 225/35ZR19
225/45ZR18 225/35ZR19
235/40ZR18 255/35ZR19
245/35ZR18 255/40ZR19
245/40ZR18 275/35ZR19
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