Shorter Braking Distance

Impluse Control Compound Technology

With highly refined compound with extra silica load that delivers shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads.

Active Braking Technology

Achieving shorter braking distances on dry and wet road with ActiveBraking Technology that increases the contact area with the road when braking.

Excellent Dry Handling

Power Cushion Technology

Designed with Power Cushion Technology, the tyre has stiffer coupling of the tyre carcass and tread pattern to achieve excellent handling on dry roads.

Comfort Performance

Exhilarating Comfort

All-weather performance without compromising ride comfort and road noise levels.

Available Sizes
17" 18" 19" 20"
205/45R17 225/40R18 225/35R19 255/40R20
205/50R17 225/45R18 225/45R19 265/30R20
215/40R17 235/40R18 235/35R19 285/30R20
215/45R17 235/45R18 245/35R19
225/45R17 235/50R18 245/40R19
225/50R17 245/35R18 255/30R19
225/55R17 245/40R18 255/35R19
235/45R17 245/45R18 255/40R19
235/55R17 255/35R18
245/40R17 255/45R18
245/45R17 265/35R18